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September 11, 2012
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Emergency commissions please help

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 11, 2012, 2:37 PM
Edit 17 // As of 2:45pm of October 3rd my mom has officially touched down in Buffalo New york. I sincerely thank everyone who helped make this possible. When I spoke to her she was running errands for my grandma with bev. From this point I will be updating grandmas health in a separate journal when I receive it.

To those who still want to donate a 5 here and there I wont say no but its entirely up to you at this point.


Edit 16 // Moms due to leave soon. Shes nervous about the plane ride since she doesnt like heights. She was able to see the doctor and get the medication she would need for a months stay. I'm happy she was able to get it, she really cant be without her blood pressure medication. My dad helped her finish her eulogy with the help of his music equipment. I dont know how my dad is going to handle it. He has never been alone this long. Last time she left I was still living at home so it wasnt that big of a deal. I'm going to try to make it there at least once a week to clean. Maybe i'll sleep over and be able to stay longer. Unsure really.

Mom was talking to Bev earlier and she said that grandma didnt know she was dying. They got hospis to check up on grandma daily and grandma thought it would be a temp thing. Grandma called her earlier when I was talking to her about directions to the airport. Grandma took a fall either yesterday or the day before. Poor old women, always getting hurt. From what mom was saying grandma didnt want to wait for the 3 women assisting her and tried to get out of the car herself. The women were getting her walker out of the trunk but I dont know why you need all 3 for that. At least 1 could have been watching her. They checked her over and she wasnt too injured after the fall so thats good.


Edit 15 // I just got done talking with mom and getting her to print our her confirmation email for the flight. They havent taken the money from her account yet so i'm not too sure whats going on with that. She has the paper now so it shouldnt be too much of a problem. She was reading me the eulogy she wants at grandmas funeral. She was getting all choked up while reading it but its really nice. I need to find a way to get someone with a nice voice to read it and record them though. My mom wont be able to stand up there and do it herself.


Edit 14 // Its been a bit since I updated, sorry about that. Theres been a lot going on.

So, grandma is getting hospis and my mom is leaving by plane on October 3rd. For some reason prices on planes drop by 100ish on that date. Unsure why, maybe because its a Wednesday?

Grandma isnt going for that doctors app that i mentioned in my last update. It was for a colonoscopy and Bev feels like they are just using her for a guinea pig. I didnt really think much of it until it was actually talked about. Why would they wait two weeks to do a colonoscopy on a 78 year old level 4 cancer patient when they have already diagnostic her with cancer? Isnt that procedure used to find out whats wrong? If it was needed you would think it would be a next day kinda thing.

Talking earlier with my mom shes sad and scared but shes starting to accept whats happening and dealing with it in her own way. Although my mom really doesnt want to see grandma in this state I know grandma needs to see her daughter.


Edit 13 // Grandma went to the doctors. They said she has stage 4 cancer. She dropped weight again and is now 149lbs. She was doing so well too. All she wants to do is sleep and no matter how light the activity she is exhausted. Even going to the doctors made her so tired. Doctor said that the cancer started in her GI tract and hopped from organ to organ. We dont know how many organs are infected, she needs to get checked for that. She cant start therapy until two weeks from now. My mom is crying and upset because she doesnt believe grandma will live another two weeks.

My dad is pressuring me to try to get money for a plane ticket. I dont have the money for that. I dont know what to do guys...


Edit 12 // I have reached my goal! That being said I no longer need help at this point in time (if I do later I will update).

To those who are taking commissions for me I ask half of your earnings. It doesnt seem fair to ask for all of your earnings since I have reached my goal. If you wish to donate all well that is up to you.

To those who are commissioning other artists for me it is up to you how you want to do with the money. If you want to divide it in half and give half to me and half to the artist I dont mind. If you are going to divide it in half I suggest contacting the artist and asking if they want that half or not. If no you may send all to my mothers paypal.

To those who commissioned me I require you send payment before I get started. If you already paid and I dont have your status switched from "Unpaid" to "Paid" in my "Art Status" section please note me with your paypal name and I will change it. I'm still mourning the loss of Wayne so I apologize if it takes a little bit to pick myself up and get to the commissions.

To those who still wish to donate I wont turn down your charity if you still wish to donate. All money donated after my goal will still go to my mother in either helping her on the buss ride/stay in NY (food, water, ectect) or to my grandmother.

I truly thank you guys from the bottom of my heart. Without your kindness I couldnt have done anything without you. This means more to me than you will ever know<33333


Edit 11 // Now on to my grandmas update. Shes home! they released her from the hospital but I still dont have updates on her health. Shes getting aggravated because everyone keeps calling and annoying her with questions. All she wants to do is sleep and try to get as healthy as she can but she cant with people calling/visiting her through the day. Gosh, let the little old lady sleep!

Janine ended up calling grandma and grandma didnt pick up. Then Janine called back and left a message threatening to call the cops to check up on her. Grandma then called back and chewed her out bad and told her to stop calling and let her f*cking rest. Good job grandma, good job. Shes getting disturbed enough to where she HAS to yell to be left alone. I am now at $360 and I only need $40 more to reach my goal of $400. After my goal is reached I will update. I know I have unpaid commissions so if you are still interested in commissioning me please send what is owed. Anything after the $400 mark will still go to my mom for her trip for food or anything she may need while on the bus/up north. I know there were some people that dont get paid until next week or so and if you are still interested in helping a good cause you are more than welcome.

To those of you that are taking commissions for me: please forward your earnings to my paypal account. I cant thank you enough for taking commissions for me and I'll probably be doing something special for you guys. It really means the whole world to me<33333


Edit 10 // This update isnt about grandma but I feel like it is just as important. My friend, FrostyFascination, is in need of an operation that is $300. Its a private matter for her so I wont say anything other than it is very important.  You guys have been so wonderful in helping me that maybe she can be helped too. Her boyfriend had the money for the operation but it had to be spent on repairing his car tires after they had been popped, all four of them were damaged. His car has been vandalized more than once and we can only suspect who it may be. This operation is something that cant really wait. In 2 weeks if it isnt taken care of the price goes up and operation becomes more dangerous and a life threatening issue. On top of the $300 they are trying desperately to acquire her mother still expects rent to be paid on time. Shes such a sweet girl and I love her to bits. It kills me inside when I want to help her but I know I cant.

If anyone can help her please contact me for information.


Edit 9 // Matts mother came home today. She was diagnosed with Vertigo. They gave her a new med nicknamed "anti-vert" so thats good shes out. Shes currently with her sister and I have to clean up a little bit before her return.

I havent been able to check paypal for a few days so the current balance is around the $335 mark. So theres just a little bit more to go <33 I spoke to mom yesterday about grandmas final bills and things are still up in the air about whats going on. All my uncle bob is concerned about is getting her house, selfish jerk. My aunt Janine (other uncles wife) got grandma all upset. She literally said "Okay, I guess we'll have to bring all the grandkids to say good bye to grandma." Shes lucky I wasnt there but Bev was and she started yelling at Janine to "Get the F*uck Out" and "[Grandma] doesnt need to hear this kind of s*hit right now". Can you tell I dont like most of my mothers family? Plus Janine is a little bit... unstable (One year during christmas her family came for a visit and in the middle of the night she left with her husbands car and was gone for a few hours. Upon return she said that she thought my mom hated her). I'm not there so i cant see it with my own eyes but Bev says that grandma looks like shes getting better. If she is getting better any money donated will stay in storage so my mom cant get it until theres an emergency with grandma. (I'm really hoping she gets better and this isnt the end for her).

So, anyway. Off to clean~


Edit 8 // Sorry I didnt get to respond to messages yesterday. I'm doing so now. Over the next few days I may not be able to respond as quickly as I'd like to either. Matt, Danny, and I are taking shifts to spend time with matts mom while shes in the hospital (Nothing major so far). The other day she got super dizzy and couldnt walk. Well, she could walk but she would feel like shes falling over if she did. Its looking like she might have vertigo but she feels less dizzy day by day. She should be home in the next few days but while i'm there I cant really respond to messages. Who knew sitting in a chair for 12 hrs would make me so tired ><

ANYWAY. The goal is creeping closer and closer.


Edit 7 // So, i'm almost at $260 and half way to my goal. You guys are truly amazing. I didnt expect THIS much support and I do thank you from the bottom of my heart. I also thank you for putting your trust in me when others would have their doubts. I may have an issue with my brother, David, though. It seems he isnt getting back to my mother meaning he either changed his number or is flat out ignoring her. My mom is relying on David to help with a little bit of cash too. Meaning, if he doesnt pull through I may need to help with grandmas final expenses (he makes me so mad sometimes). I need to call my mom later just in case he blows her off and ask what she thinks grandmas final costs may be. Maybe we can meet somewhere in the middle if she does need the help (i'll update you guys).

Right now the main thing i'm focusing on, the bus ticket, is half way complete. If something does come up to where i'd need to help more anyone who donates after the ticket goal is met is going above and beyond the call of duty in helping my family in this difficult time.

Oh guys, to those who donated. NOTE ME YOUR NAMES! The whole reason I say this is because I want to do a feature and some thank you gifts and I will NOT take No for an answer :p

(also I dont like taking without giving. Its something I was raised to believe at a young age so its a strong part of my personality foundation.)

:new: Oh! If my journal is hard to see due to the CSS I am sorry. I've never experienced this problem myself before and I dont know to to fix it to those who cant see it. As far as I was concerned it was fine and my watchers never said anything about it. If anyone has solutions please let me know.


Edit 6 // Hey remember my previous post asking for those you donate to mark it as "gift"? Yeah, dont do that. I'm sorry for the hassle. :icontwilittiger: just informed me that if they catch on they will freeze my account. I'm sorry to those who updated their journals with this info. I honestly didnt know.


Edit 5 // Thank you all for helping me, you guys are wonderful <3333 I just have another favor to ask, when you dontate please note me your NAME. I'm trying to keep track of everything since I have some deviants interested in drawing an image for someone who donates x amount of money.


Edit 4 // PAY PAL IS UP AND RUNNING. My moms paypal email is SAMANTHASLS1955@AIM.COM and I REQUEST that the donations/commissions/other are made out as a GIFT. If you do not know how to do this please read my tutorial. I hope its self explanatory but in case it isnt let me know.

If you cannot do paypal I am also accepting money order or snail mail. To those who dont know what money orders are they are slips of paper you can get at your local grocery store. On the paper you write your name, the receivers name, the receivers address, and the amount of money you are parting with. You then mail it to the receiver and when they get it the cash it at a grocery store near them. I find this to be safer than standard snail mail because if the letter is opened no one can cash it except the receiver meaning you will still have the money instead of it getting lost.


Edit 3 // I've decided that my goal is $350-$400. With this amount i'm not only focusing on the bus ticket anymore meaning it may also raise from this goal. I thought about it and part of that money (if we can get help from other family members) will be going to my moms bus ticket and the remainder will go to help paying for grandmas final resting.  Thank you all for the features and for helping me. This is more support than I could have ever imagined and it means the world and so much more to me. I know when I am able to tell my mother of everyones support she will be thrilled that so many people that she doesnt even know send their best wishes and luck. <333


Edit 2 // I'm submitting this journal to ALL the groups I have. I know its probably not relevant but I need as many people to see this as possible. This is urgent so if you are a group leader viewing this please let it slide and let me submit this. Thank you.


EDIT // I am setting her up a pay pal. It should be ready in the next 2-3 days. Please DONT send money to the pay pal on my profile. I'd rather have money be sent to her directly instead of hopping between my account to hers, ya know?


Mom called me and told me grandma is dying. They found out grandma has colon/liver cancer and the doctors dont know how much longer she will last but I NEED to get my mom up there. She needs to see her mom in her final hours. I'm pushing to do this because my mom has seen grandma maybe... two or three times (lasting a few weeks) in the past 20-25 years when she moved to FL. It only seems right that mom sees grandma one last time.. My Aunt Bev visited her and said shes down to 152 lbs and skin is hanging from her body, her lips are purple, and shes hanging in there but we dont know how much longer. Shes 78 years old. My mom really needs money to go to NY and see her. They found blood in her stool and apparently this has been going of for awhile but my grandma has been too shy to tell anyone.

My moms started crying when she repeated the words Bev had said to her from my grandmas lips. "If its my time then its my time. I cant do much about it. Soon i'll be with my creator, Norm (Norm is her son that died in a very brutal motorcycle accident at 20-25.), my husband, and the rest of my family."

She plans on going by bus to see her mom before she passes. I dont want to sound selfish but I need as much as I can get as soon as possible. I'm not a greedy person and I am willing to settle at the best offer but the more I can get the better the chances I can get my mom to see grandma in time.

Bev was talking to the nurse and the nurse said that she had metastatic, Adenoma, and carcinoma cancers.

I'm getting second hand info so maybe things can be a little but off but that isnt the point. I NEED to get my mom to NY before grandma passes.  Unsure but I believe we have a few other members of the family trying to help as well.

At this point i'm accepting anything as payment as long as its reasonable. Please dont ask for a 3 character drawing for $5.00. I'm willing to go a few dollars off my commissions if thats what you can afford. Please help me spread the word, the more people that help means the better chance I can get my mom so see grandma for last time.

I honestly didnt think she would go this way. Shes such a tough old bat. Theres been times that shes fallen at her home (she lives alone) and she has hurt herself but she always managed to get better. This time it doesnt seem things are that way. I'm trying to be hopeful that maybe, just maybe she will get better but I also have to realize that might not be so.

Deviants taking commissions to help me raise money

:icontwilittiger: Is helping me raise money by offering some small commissions like bookmarks, ACEOs, sketches, and some smaller watercolor commissions. She also has 4x6 paper that she can do some small illustrations on.
:thumb323805161::thumb319474846:Forest Guardian by TwilitTiger

:iconfey-r: is willing to do simple pencil head shorts for $6, Bookmarks for $5, and sketches for $3.
[r] Stigma by Fey-RRavenclaws pride by Fey-R'You're so brave' by Fey-R

:iconcucumberley: is doing 1 character w/ a transparent bg for $3, 1 character with a simple bg for $5, and headshots w/ shading for $3. Any shading for the other two would be an extra $1.
Jahuar THK by cucumberleySins of my Youth by cucumberleyOakheart and Bluefur by cucumberley

:iconsowia: is taking lineless chibi commissions (anthro, feral and dragon characters) for 5$. Example - Chibi Noemi by sowia

:iconshesgotswag: is doing 1-2 Detailed sketches, 1-2 Colored in Detailed sketches, 10 little sketch/doodles or 4 Adopts for those who donate $5 or more.
A Demon in Red by ShesGotSWAGTeam PoisonFire Duo by ShesGotSWAGShes got SWAG by ShesGotSWAG

:iconangrylittlephoenix: can do digital badges for 5 dollars.
Comet Shine Badge by AngryLittlePhoenixDAT ASS by AngryLittlePhoenixSinead by AngryLittlePhoenix

:iconchimeraditto: - is doing full colored chibis. $1 examples Netsirk and Nekko by ChimeraDitto .:Comm:. Nanalax by ChimeraDitto and $2 examples (+ $1 for additional characters) .:CE:.Floaty Spade by ChimeraDitto.:CE:. Mika by ChimeraDittoCome on in by ChimeraDitto. Shes also doing full body characters for $3 .:Comm:. Joey the Fox by ChimeraDitto and adoptables for $4 Creature1 by ChimeraDittoAdoptable4 by ChimeraDitto

Fully colored/Shaded on one layer drawings like these .:Comm:. By the Fireplace by ChimeraDitto.:CE:. New Outfit by ChimeraDitto.:CE:. Tea Party for Us by ChimeraDitto are $5 (+$2 for additional character).

:iconrebekahbyland: is offering drawings like these to whoever donates $40

My Lady Stark by RebekahBylandThe Youth with the White Hair by RebekahBylandHashim by RebekahBylandAndrew Jackson by RebekahBylandFather Time by RebekahByland

:iconpbnjam: is offering $3 line arts, $4 Flat shading, $5 shaded with simple bg YAWN by PBnJam Spiral Nose by PBnJam , $6 more complicated bg merp by PBnJam my deer by PBnJam

:iconlunurwolf: is willing to draw something for anyone who donates $5+.
Team impossable(FREE REQUEST) by lunurwolfContest -final- by lunurwolfAlice by lunurwolfFalbala -contest- by lunurwolf

:icontwinkleturtle: is doing $1 pony commissions

:iconcinderbunp: is doing $1 full commissions and 50c for icons, journal dolls, flat colors and pixels
and then $1.50 for designs

:iconashkittie: is doing $8 lick icons Ashkit Lick Icon by Ashkittie, $.80 blocky cartoon Watersong by Ashkittie, $3 background Beach Background by Ashkittie, Gimp full colored disney $16 Spirit by Ashkittie (Non disney is $12.)

:iconoh-my-maple: is doing Fullcolored drawings with bg more than one character and maybe other stuff. - 10 $ - 15 $ depending on the dificulty.

Fullbody colored nonshaded and no bg. - 6$

Awesome Sketch - 1-3$ depending on character difficulty

Dusty by Oh-My-MapleDobi by Oh-My-Maple-_- Its Broken Record by Oh-My-MapleIsn't Choco Lake Adorable? by Oh-My-Maple

:iconbienoo: is offering drawings like these between $4-$7 depending on complexity.
bubbles by Bienoocommission: Iki by BienooGiftiee by Bienoo mhm by Bienoo

Icons like this are $2-$5 depending on static/animated.
Juno Icon by BienooIcon: King-of-Ships by BienooIcon: Snowdrop-the-Kitty by Bienoo

:iconblondbug: is doing drawings like these for $4 Earth Critter by blondbug:thumb321393572:. They are also doing custom adoptables for $2 and regular ones for $1.

:iconaeyrav: is offering drawings for anyone who donates $1 - $5
Clash by AeyraVFlying at Midnight by AeyraVSnow White by AeyraV

:iconringtailfox: is offering drawings for whoever donates at least $5
Designed to Kill by RingtailFoxBAMF Shot - Shade by RingtailFoxSmooth and Smug by RingtailFox

:iconwolfdare: Full art (around $3 to $5) Catch Me if You Can by WolfdareThis Day by Wolfdare, Just color Loki and Somy Doodles by WolfdareHomestuck Collab 1 by Wolfdare, Line art Losk is wut? by Wolfdare, Speedpaints with the art is $1, icon for $1-$4 New Icon by Wolfdare

Youtube Vids: 30 seconds or less $1-$3, 1 mintute or more $4-$10 (depending on the audio)

Examples of vids -… |… |… |…

:iconametalias: Digital paintings $5-$8 and icons are $3-$4

:iconiokusanagi: Will be doing commissions for anyone who donates $10-40. Anthro Cartoon style [$10-$15]: 'Blue Stranger Red Curtain' - Staggered Stance by IoKusanagi, Manga Style [$10-15]: 'Blue Stranger, Red Curtain' - Primed Assassin by IoKusanagi, Chibis [$5-10]: :iconiokusanagi:, Ponies [$15-25]: 'Two Sides of Io Kusanagi' by IoKusanagi, Semi Realistic Manga Style: 'Dead Arcana' - VI: The Blue Prince by IoKusanagi

:iconrehonara: is doing images like this Point Commish for Yimmie by Rehonara for $1.

Skin by KatWithKnives

Long Neck Love 2 by KatWithKnivesLong Neck Love 1 by KatWithKnivesLong Neck Love 3 by KatWithKnives
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